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Tunica @ The Goldstrike WPO Event #4
by 2006 World Poker Tour Coverage   
Saturday, 14 January 2006

NLHE $1000+$60 by Kaelaine Minton

Saturday, 14th of January 2006 07:41 PM

Here's a recap of the final 9, along with their original payouts, per schedule, and estimates of the payouts based on the deal that was made between the final 6.

PlacePayout (original)NameHometownPayout (Deal - est.)
1$136,621Jeremy PhippsDayton, OH62,586
2$81,972An TranLas Vegas, NV68,844
3$43,263Noah NodineNorman, OK31,293
4$25,047Scooter CrutcherBirmingham, AL64,892
5$18,216David TranEl Monte, CA54,351
6$12,751Rukhsana GuevarraWinnipeg, Canada35,904
7$9,108Brian TaylorMacon, GA
8$7,286Angela MijalisShreveport, LA
9$6,376Timothy Back, Jr.Miamisburg, OH

Saturday, 14th of January 2006 07:20 PM

And the winner is.....Jeremy Phipps.  On a board of 2267Q, Jeremy moved all in and was called by An.  An had A7 for two pair, but Jeremy held 32, for trip deuces.  An Tran finishes second, winning $81,972 (per schedule) and Jeremy Phipps wins first place, $136,621, (per scedule) a $10,200 entry to the championship beginning January 19th and the gold and diamond WPO bracelet.

Jeremy Phipps

Jeremy Phipps with his bracelet

An Tran

Saturday, 14th of January 2006 06:59 PM

An and Jeremy are still playing heads up for the $10,200 entry and the bracelet.  An has cut into Jeremy's chip lead significantly.  I couldn't hear for sure, but it sounded like An was offering Jeremy $5,000 extra to let him have the $10K entry and to play on for the bracelet, but Jeremy shook his head, declining the deal.

It appears that An has about 3 stacks of green (300,000) and Jeremy has the rest, meaning about 600,000, giving him about a 2 to 1 chip lead.


Saturday, 14th of January 2006 06:48 PM

An and Jeremy have been pushing small pots back and forth for a while, but we just had an all in.  An raised, Jeremy moved all in, and An called.  An had A5 offsuit and Jeremy had pocket fours.  A 5 fell on the turn giving An the lead and he doubled up. 

Saturday, 14th of January 2006 06:28 PM

Scooter says they chopped up the money 6 ways strictly based on chip counts at the time.  Here's a table showing those approximate chip counts, payout percentages, and approximate payouts based on such a deal. 

NameChip CountTotal cash:$317,870
An Tran209,00022%$68,844
Scooter Crutcher197,00020%$64,892
Jeremy Phipps190,00020%$62,586
David Tran165,00017%$54,351
Rukhsana Guevarra109,00011%$35,904
Noah Nodine95,00010%$31,293

Saturday, 14th of January 2006 06:18 PM

Noah was riding a short stack and couldn't wait any longer, so moved all in for his last 34,000.  He was called by both Jeremy and An, who both checked it all the way down.  In the end, the board was A53JQ and Jeremy won the pot with his A6.  Noah showed 97.  Noah Nodine finishes in 3rd place earning $43,263 (per schedule).

Noah Nodine

Saturday, 14th of January 2006 06:13 PM

The hand of the day just played out:  on a flop of Q73, Jeremy and Scooter got all in.  Jeremy had KQ offsuit for top pair and Scooter held pocket Jacks (I hate Jacks!).  No help for Scooter and Jeremy scoops a huge pot.  Scooter Crutcher was covered by 5000 chips and is our 4th place finisher, earning $25,047 (per schedule).

Scooter Crutcher

Now Jeremy has most of the chips on the table.

Saturday, 14th of January 2006 05:48 PM

David moved all in on a flop of 732 and was called by Jeremy.  Jeremy was in the lead with A7 for top pair.  David had 45, for the open-ended straight-draw.  No help for David Tran, however, and he finishes in 5th place, earning $18216 (according to schedule).

David Tran

Saturday, 14th of January 2006 05:43 PM

 Things have definitely lightened up since the deal...Jeremy got Noah to lay down a hand with an all-in raise and after Noah folded, Jeremy showed the 43 offsuit bluff, saying he "just had to try it once".


Saturday, 14th of January 2006 05:33 PM

Scooter raised to 20,000 and David made it 61,000 to go.  Scooter moved all in.  After some thought, David called and showed .  Scooter had .  The arrived on the flop giving Scooter the lead.  No help for David and Scooter doubles up. 

David Tran is now the short stack with only about 60,000 left.

Saturday, 14th of January 2006 05:17 PM

Rukhsana gets all in with A7 and is called by Scooter with pocket tens.  The 7 on the flop is no help to her because it is accompanied by a ten, giving Scooter a set.  Rukhsana Guevarra is our 6th place finisher, earning $12,751 (according to payout schedule - we don't know what additional she may have received due to the deal).

Rukhsana Guevarra

Saturday, 14th of January 2006 05:08 PM

There has been some chip movement since we resumed, but without showdown, so I haven't had anything to report...until now.  On a flop of 456 rainbow, Scooter moved all in and was immediately called by Jeremy.  Scooter had pocket sixes for a set, but Jeremy held 78 for the nut straight.  Jeremey had Scooter covered so Scooter's tournament life was at risk.  However, another 4 fell on the river, pairing the board and giving Scooter a full house.  Scooter doubles up through Jeremey.

Saturday, 14th of January 2006 04:50 PM

A deal has been made...I'll try to get details for you.  Play now resumes at 4000/8000 blinds, 2000 ante.

Saturday, 14th of January 2006 04:39 PM

Talking deal is a complicated issue...calculators are in use....  Eventually play will have to resume since they have to play it out for the championship seat and the bracelet...stay tuned...

Saturday, 14th of January 2006 04:23 PM

Players are on a 15 minute break, so here's my chance to get some updated stack sizes.  These are all approximate:

An Tran                      209,000
Scooter Crutcher     197,000
Jeremy Phipps         190,000
David Tran                165,000
Rukhsana Guevarra 109,000
Noah Nodine               95,000

Apparently a deal is being discussed...the break has been extended.  I'll let you know if I can find out any details.

Saturday, 14th of January 2006 03:59 PM

Brian Taylor moved all in with his last 24,000 and was called by Jeremy Phipps.  Brian had AJ offsuit and Jeremy had AQ of diamonds.  A Queen on the flop is all it took to seal the deal and Brian Taylor finishes in 7th place, earning $9,108.

Brian Taylor

Saturday, 14th of January 2006 03:55 PM

Yes, Rukhsana, there is a Santa Claus...

Rukhsana Guevarra gets all in with and runs smack into Brian Taylor with .  Miracles do occur, as the turn was the and the river was the , giving her two pair and a nice double up -- Merry Christmas!  Unfortunately, Brian is left short-stacked.

Saturday, 14th of January 2006 03:50 PM

Angela Mijalis had not seen any action today and was in the big blind for 6,000 of her remaining 21,000.  Noah raised to 18,000 from late position and Angela folded.  On the next had she had 3,000 in the small blind with only 11,000 left behind.  David Tran raised from the button to 18,000 and Angela moved in.  David had KQ and Angela had K9, so she was dominated from the get-go.  No help from the board and Angela Mijalis is our 8th place finisher, earning $7,286.

Angela Mijalis

Saturday, 14th of January 2006 03:37 PM

David Tran raised from the button and Brian Taylor in the big blind moved all in over the top for another 54,000.  David thought about it for a few seconds, and folded.  That's the kind of game it has been so far today -- pre-flop jousting.

Saturday, 14th of January 2006 03:31 PM

We just saw our first river of the day (besides the Missisippi, that is).  Scooter Crutcher bet enough to put Tomothy Back Jr. all in.  Timothy called with and Scooter showed Timothy got no help from the board and is our 9th place finisher, earning $6,376.

Timothy Back, Jr.

Saturday, 14th of January 2006 03:13 PM

Not much action so far, but the level has changed.  We are now at 3000/6000 blinds with 1000 ante.

Saturday, 14th of January 2006 03:05 PM

Players have been introduced and cards are in the air.  Blinds are 2000/4000 with 1000 ante.

Saturday, 14th of January 2006 02:59 PM

I just talked to Angela Mijalis and confirmed that the James Mijalis who finished in 42nd place in this event is her husband.  How's that for a poker-playing couple??  I wonder what dinner conversation is like at their house..."you should've seen this hand...I raised under-the-gun and this donkey calls me with 86....".

Saturday, 14th of January 2006 12:51 PM

Event #4 had the largest field so far in this 7th Annual World Poker Open. 480 players did battle yesterday, fighting for a peice of the $465,600 prize pool. Only 50 of those who started succeeded in getting paid and last night they played down to nine, so here are the payouts for 10th through 50th place:

10Blake BohnEden Prairie, MN$5,465
11Canh PhanRichardson, TX$4,554
12Will O'BrienRobinsonville, MS$4,554
13Tony HartmannRichfield, MN$4,554
14Jose TorresHollywood, FL$4,554
15Samuel WhittLima, Oh$4,554
16Larry GreenwayDahlonega, GA$3,643
17Randy HollandWinnetka, CA$3,643
18Allan DemareeScarsdale, NY$3,643
19John SelixPewaukee, WI$3,643
20Brendan WatsonNovi, MI$3,643
21Davood MehrmandFrankfurt, Germany$2,732
22Phillip WadeConyers, GA$2,732
23Darrell DickenWaterloo, IA$2,732
24Mike ParisiWood Dale, IL$2,732
25Issa W. TadrosOak Lawn,IL$2,732
26Curtis SmithRinggold, GA$2,732
27Eston BrownAustin, TX$2,732
28James RayDaphne, AL$2,732
29Zack ButlerPoplar Grove, IL$2,732
30Ondre SekaninaBluffton, SC$2,732
31Sam AlshuriekaPensacola, FL$2,277
32Raul PaezBarcelona, Spain$2,277
33Charlie DawsonLexington, KY$2,277
34Don EmeryMyrtle Beach, SC$2,277
35Anatole ParthesParis, France$2,277
36Roger Solheim IIFrankfort, KY$2,277
37Tommy VitaChalmette, LA$2,277
38David RussellTampa, FL$2,277
39Royce DavisMabank, TX$2,277
40Carl CorleyNewnan, GA$2,277
41Hilbert ShireyWinter Haven, FL$1,822
42James MijalisShreveport, LA$1,822
43Johnny LandrethLanett, AL$1,822
44Dan DelnoceToccoa, GA$1,822
45Chris BallDallas, TX$1,822
46Junior RackleyVon Ormy, TX$1,822
47Charles OliverBaton Rouge, LA$1,822
48Dallas WottlinSunnyvale, TX$1,822
49Matt PryorIrving, TX$1,822
50Mike SchneiderCovington, GA$1,822

The battle will continue today at 3pm here in Tunica with these nine players:

Seat NameHometownChip Count
8Scooter CrutcherBirmingham, AL185,000
9An TranLas Vegas, NV154,000
1Noah NodineNorman, OK148,000
7Jeremy PhippsDayton, OH128,000
4David TranEl Monte, CA125,000
2Timothy Back, Jr.Miamisburg, OH67,000
3Rukhsana GuevarraWinnipeg, Canada67,000
6Brian TaylorMacon, GA60,000
5Angela MijalisShreveport, LA26,000

Most notable among this final table is An Tran, who has one WSOP bracelet, (1991, $1500 Pot Limit Omaha) numerous WSOP money finishes and final tables, and several money finishes here at the WPO. David Tran (no relation) also has an extensive poker resume, including money finishes here at the WPO and at the WSOP.

And last but far from least, here are the payouts for this final table:


*First place includes a $10,200 entry to the WPO championship event beginning on January 19th and a gold and diamond WPO bracelet.

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