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Sunday, 27 February 2005


The Grinder takes over the money lead.

It's only the end of February and the young guns of GEN20 have been the money leaders for ALL of tournament poker for both of the first two months. John Stolzmann in January is passed by Michael 'The 'Grinder' Mizrachi this month. How long can the young guns hold on against all the pro in poker? Maybe all year, the way they've started.

By the way, Mizrachi's other major accomplishment was to knock me out of the LA Invitational.

I still need your help with more GENERATION 20 player names and results. Please email me at: with your additions and suggestions. Thank you.

1 Michael Mizrachi $2,147,350
2 John Stolzmann $1,491,444
3 Haralabos Voulgaris $904,122
4 Erick Lindgren $630,521
5 Nick Frangos $330,000
6 Raja Kattamuri $240,201
7 Raul Paez $206,829
8 Noah Boeken $187,000
9 Tobias Perrson $154,351
10 Aaron Bartley $141,930
11 Greg Debora $137,298
12 Nenad Medic $126,858
13 Scott Fischman $83,300
14 Michael Thuritz $80,000
15 Christopher Fargis $74,826
16 Michael Goodman $55,400
17 Kevin Kelly $43,896
18 Jeremy Tinsley $41,662
19 J C Tran $35,082
20 Allen Cunningham $32,500

Partial GENERATION 20 list

Mattias Andersson
Joe Bartholdi
Aaron Bartley
Noah Boeken
Joe Cassidy
Allen Cunningham
John D'Agostino
Greg Debora
Matt Dean
Christopher Fargis
Scott Fischman
Nick Frangos
Prahlad Friedman
Julian Gardner
Michael Goodman
Gavin Griffin
Phil Ivey
Brett Jungblut
Raja Kattamuri
Thomas Keller
Kevin Kelly
Daniel Larrson
Pete Lawson
Tuan Le
Erick Lindgren
Mike Lutz
Matt Matros
Chris McCormack
Nenad Medic
Michael Mizrachi
Robert Mizrachi
John Murphy
Raul Paez
Tobias Perrson
Alex Prendes
Erik Sagstrom
Dustin Sitar
John Stolzmann
William Thorson
Michael Thuritz
Jeremy Tinsley
J C Tran
David Truong
Haralabos Voulgaris
David Williams

Total so far: 45

*Nick Frangos informed me that he doesn't turn 30 until October and wants to play.

Mike Paulle

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