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2009 World Series of Poker - Event #57 - Final Table - Heads-Up
by 2009 World Series of Poker Coverage   
Tuesday, 10 November 2009

LIVE coverage of Joe Cada vs Darvin Moon for the 2009 WSOP Main Event bracelet.

Tuesday, 10th of November 2009 02:00 AM
(Elissa Harwood reporting)

It's all over.  Let's rewind a bit...

Eighty hands into heads-up, we saw our first all in and a call.

Cada started the big hand on the button.  Not surprisingly, he made it 3 million to see the flop.  Moon called to watch 1095 fall on the flop.  Check-check to the turn, which is the 10.  Moon checks, and Cada fire 3 million.  Cada's eyes grow wide as Moon announces "all in!" 

Cada dips into the tank and stays there for awhile, putting his head down on his arm and evaluating all the information he has.  After a few minutes, he looks up at Moon, looks back at his stack, and whispers, "I call." Boom. The entire theater bolts to its feet. Tourney Director Jack Effel has Moon turn up his hand first: 87 for the open ender.  Cada shows J9 for two pair and the lead.  Cada can't look, turning his back on the table and bracing himself against his backer, Cliff "JohnnyBax" Josephy, for support. Moon needs a jack or a 6 on the river for the bracelet...

Moon all in
River: 3

A brick!  Let's keep playing.  Cada's Tens and 9s hold for the double through.  After the hand, the kid leads with 108,300,000 chips to Moon's 86,500,000.

Cada adds to that lead a few hands later, when his 109 improves to two pair on the river.  Cada check-calls 3 million to see the K107 flop, 5 million to see the 8 turn, and 10 million to see the 9 river.  Finally, Cada checks the river and the logger checks behind to see Cada's two pair and ship him the pot.

And finally... the KO.

Standard preflop raise to 3 million by Cada.  Moon re-raises to 8 million.  Cada ships.... 

Moon double checks his cards, shrugs slightly, then announces the call.  Time to turn 'em up.

Cada: 9 9
Moon: Q J

Moon decides to call it off with QJ suited, lucky to be racing with Cada's nines.  After a few minutes of stack counting and needless sweat time, ESPN says it's ok to run the cards.

Flop: A72  
Turn: K
River: 7

The 9s hold up, and the new champion is swallowed by a sea of yellow Cada tshirts. 

In addition to winning the $8,547,042 grand prize and the 40th gold bracelet ever given out in Main Event history, Cada, just over a week shy of his 22nd birthday, supplants last year's champion Peter Eastgate as the youngest Main Event winner ever.

Darvin Moon finishes his storybook run in 2nd-place and will take $5,182,928 back with him to the woods of Maryland.

That wraps up the 2009 WSOP.  Congrats to Joe, Darvin and the rest of the November Nine.  Thanks to all of you, our readers, for making us your source for WSOP live updates.  Click here for complete results.

Joe Cada - 2009 WSOP Main Event Champ

Tuesday, 10th of November 2009 01:00 AM
(Aaron Angerman reporting)

The pair returned from break at approximately 12:20 a.m. and in the first half hour back, Cada had to watch all but a couple of pots get shipped across the table to Moon.

Most of the action came in the form of Moon raising and taking it, but there were a few notable pots.  In the most exciting exchange of the last hour, Cada was on the button and made it 3 million, which has become the standard preflop price here tonight.  Moon came along and the blonde dealer placed A 5 3 on the table.  Moon was first to act, and put 5 million into the middle.  Cada counted out a couple stacks and put in a re-raise, making it 8 million more to Moon.  The crowd grew anxious as Moon quickly started lining up another raise on the runway.  After sliding out five stacks, worth 5 million each, it was another 17 million back on Cada.  The kid's holdings quickly went into the muck.

After the hand, Moon had built himself a 3-1 lead, holding roughly 150 million to Cada's 50 million.  Cada has narrowed that lead in the last couple minutes, first taking down a 12 million chip pot with a big river bet on a scary 8TT97 board, then moving all in preflop over a Moon re-raise to 8 million and inducing a laydown.  The current chip counts have Moon up 127,850,000 to 66,950,000.

Tuesday, 10th of November 2009 12:00 AM
(Aaron Angerman reporting)

Cada fans

Just as quickly as Moon reclaimed the chip lead, he gave it right back.  Five hands after the elder survivor became big stack, the 21-year-old was paying 3 million total to protect his big blind.  J 4 2 on the board and Cada check-calls 4 million from Moon.  The turn brings the Q and this time Cada's check is followed by a raise from Moon's 6 million bet to 16.75 million.  Moon calls to push the pot to almost 50 million.

The 5 rivers and Cada declines to check, making it 35 million for Moon to see his hand.  If Moon were to call, it'd cost him half his stack.  He doesn't, and chants of "Cada!" (some from once-shirtless supporters with C-A-D-A on their chest that have since been asked to cover up) fill the room as the kid was back up to 120 million.

Moon then flirted with the 60 million mark after a missed bluff.  The logger, who flopped a flush draw holding J5, put in a river re-raise after whiffing, only to see the un-fooled Cada make the call with second pair.  

A few hands later, we had our first all in.

Cada, sitting on the button, called a Moon re-raise to 8 million to see a flop.  K 7 6 is fanned on the felt and Moon continues with 5 million.  A quick call from Cada brings the 3 on the turn.  Moon announces all in and immediately rises to his feet...

And just as quickly as Moon stood up, Cada let his hand go.  The first all in of the night, uncalled.  This is followed by the sound of 2,000 poker fans sitting back down at once.

But have no fear, Moon faithful.  Over the next dozen hands or so, your man has been the aggressor.

A few hands after a Moon preflop re-raise chased Cada out of a pot, Moon came over the top of the kid again.  Cada repopped a button raise from Moon, making it 10.2 million to go. Moon hit it again, pumping 28 million chips into the middle.  Cada gave up the hand, and head into break #1 with virtually the same stack as his opposition.

Here's a reminder of what they're playin' for.
Chip counts:
  • Joseph Cada: 99,300,000
  • Darvin Moon: 93,500,000

The price of poker went up at 11:30.  Now in level 40; 600K/1.2mil blinds, 200K antes.  The cards should be back in the air at 12:20 a.m. PT.

Monday, 09th of November 2009 11:00 PM
(Elissa Harwood reporting)

Vince Neil kicked off the action around 10:30 with a rocking, “Shuffle up and deal!” And the chips started flying instantly.

What a first hand. Kind of hard to believe after the way things finished on Saturday that these two avoided an all in confrontation out of the gate. Darvin Moon limps his small blind, and Joe Cada bumps it to 3.5 million. Moon flats, and the flop comes K32. Cada bets out 3.5 million, and Moon quickly raises to 10 million even. Cada calls. Turn is the A, and Cada wraps the felt. Darvin bets another 10 million, and Joe calls. K on the river earns some murmurs from the crowd and quick checks from both players. Moon tables QQ for Kings and Queens. That’s enough to beat Cada’s 99, and Moon scoops the first pot. He quickly made a dent in the chip deficit with which he began.

The two traded a few moderate pots. They both saw a flop for the minimum – AT3. Check – check. J on the turn, and Cada bets 2 million. Moon calls to see the K on the river. Cada thinks a second before betting 2.5 million, and Moon calls the value bet. Cada flips over K9 for the nut flush, and Moon mucks. Guess even Moon can’t suck out when Cada flops the nuts.

One hand later, the 12th of the night, Cada opens to 2.5 million, and Moon calls. The flop comes J65. Moon checks, and Cada bets 3.5 million.

Uh oh....

The logger is back to his old tricks, check-raising to 12 million. Cada calls, and the turn is the Q. Moon checks, and Cada doesn’t give him another shot, checking behind. After the 2 on the river, Moon bets out 7,250,000, and Cada calls quickly. Moon shows Q8 for the turned top pair, and Cada mucks. Mr. Moon stacks the pot, having retaking the chip lead with 101.85 million to Cada’s 92.95 million.

Darvin Moon
Monday, 09th of November 2009 10:00 PM
(Aaron Angerman reporting)

Darvin Moon spent four months atop the leaderboard, and after the November Nine returned to battle at one of the most grueling final tables the poker world has ever seen, the logger from Maryland will enter heads-up play with 21-year-old Joe Cada holding just 90,000 chips less than he did when we started nine-handed on Saturday afternoon.  Cada, a poker pro from Michigan playing in his first WSOP, is gaurding 135,950,000 of the 194,800,000 million chips on the table.  And while controlling 30 percent of the remaining chips sounded good to Moon from mid-July to, well... Saturday at noon Vegas time, the 45-year-old now has his work cut out for him if he wants to take down the babyfaced heads-up specialist. 

Moon has been the underdog story even when he held onto the chip lead, so why should he treat tonight any differently? 

Each player has guaranteed themselves a $5,182,928 payday.  In just a few moments, the two will begin the final fight for the $8.5 million grand prize and a place in poker history as the 40th Main Event of the WSOP.

Joe Cada
For Cada, being the last man standing carries just a little more meaning.  For nearly 20 years, nobody was able to knock Phil Helmuth from the record books as the youngest Main Event winner.  Hellmuth, who took down the 1989 Main Event at the tender age of 24, finally got leapfrogged last year by a 22-year-old Peter Eastgate.  Cada turns 22 next Tuesday.

We're here in the Penn and Teller Theater, looking down upon the one-on-one match that's about the unfold.  Check back here every hour for updates as they crown the next in the list of WSOP Main Event champions. 

Tonights play will begin in level 39: 500K/1mil blinds and 150K antes.

Click here to see how the November Nine became the final two.


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