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Still alive, thanks for asking.
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Wednesday, 04 November 2009

WSOP bracelet winner and Lock Poker pro Jason Young's blog.

So apparently Poker Pages is still around?   For the time being I guess?  Hopefully for the long run. I have no idea what's going on and was disappointed when I had heard the news that they were closing, but they are still running and I haven't written anything in quite some time... and tonight I feel like writing, so here we gooooo....
Without going back and re-reading my last few posts, I'm just going to guess and say that my last post of any importance was when I was trying to decide if I was going to Aruba or not...  I didn't go and in the past month and a half I'm +30k or so just playing cash!!!  I've been playing 10-20 NL at least twice a week playing a ton of heads up sit n go's online and I was at Borgata for a few days of cash as well.  My boy Acap smashed off a few wins online and he had a deep run in a Borgata tournament as well.
My cash game is just sick right now, and I never really give myself credit for anything, but I'm playing exactly how I want to be playing and I'm really feeling good about how I'm playing right now.  My tournament game has had some leaks but to be honest I just think I've been going through a period of losing races, missing draws, and having opponents hit draws I don't think there is anything fundamentally wrong with how I've been playing, I think I'm just going to take it easy and keep doing what I've been doing and wait for the momentum to shift in my favor in the tournaments...It REALLY is amazing how much easier and fun it is to play when you don't have distractions and you are fully focused on just doing your job and playing how you want to play.   That is exactly how cash has been lately, and I'm excited to get out to Vegas next week and play some 10-20, and probably 25-50, NL at Bellagio, I guess. I've never really played to much cash out in Vegas and I'm really looking forward to it.
Yeah, I'm going to be in Vegas for the Final table, more on that in a second...  I'm going out to Venetian, which could be one of my favorite hotels for some of their deepstacks, and if you go there make sure you eat the fresh baked chocolate chip cookies from grand luxe cafe.  They make them fresh all day long and its well worth it!  I'm trying hard not to go off on some food tangent, but now I'm thinking about having dinner at Lavo and IL Molina and, well, I'm even more excited for Vegas!  Anyways, like I was saying, that's next week.  But before that happens, I'm headed to Foxwoods.  Have play in the WPT Main Event.  I have a score to settle with Foxwoods and I plan on doing it this week!  Updates to come...
So being that I am not quite sure of the future of Pokerpages, I just want to remind you guys you can always email me at or come find me on facebook...  We have a pretty good time messing around on there.  I spend way to much time on there daily, but its so much fun! Life is good right now, I'm calm, relaxed and making money.  And it seems as if all of the other areas in my life are falling right into place as well.  I went to a bunch of Yankee playoff games which were a blast, and they are up 3-2 coming back to NY.  If my boys pull it out like I know they will, there are going to be a lot of Phillies fans wearing AROD jerseys at Harrah's in Atlantic City in December, and I'm going to love every second of it!
As for the final table, and a prediction...  I hadn't really watched the first few episodes of the main event, but I really have been getting into it lately, and feel like I have good information on all of the players at the final table.  Nobody is really out of it at all right now, and if Darvin Moon keeps picking up aces and kings and flopping sets, well even Mr. Ivey can't beat that.  But it sure is hard to bet against Phil, isn't it?  And at the same time, it's nice to see he is human too and mucks a winner from time to time.  Haha.  WTF was that?! 

Joe Cada has played an incredible tournament and if he doubles up he could be a force to be reckoned with.  I really have a TON of respect for Jeff Schulman's game and think he is more than capable of taking this down.  James Akenhead really is an incredible player and deserves to be at the final table, he will just be looking for a double up pretty quickly.  I'm not sure that Saout has enough gears to be able to take this down with these guys at the table.  I've played with Eric Buchman before and he is very good and very deserving of his time to shine now.  He really plays the game well and mixes things up as well as anyone when he's on.  Steve Begleiter is another New Yorker, and he happens to be on an incredible run.  Plus he has the advantage of the money not being the most important thing to him, so he can play freely and possibly take advantage of some situations with his stack early.  Kevin Schaffel showed that this is no fluke by his impressive performance out at Legends, which means that we are in for a great final table as there are certainly no flukes that have made it this far.  If I have to go out on a limb this is the order I predict they will finish...
9th- Antoine Saout
8th- Phil Ivey (The ONLY reason for this is because he will definitely NOT be afraid to get it in early to try and double...if he does get that double..WATCH OUT!)
7th-James Akenhead
6th-Joe Cada
5th-Kevin Schaffel
4th-Steven Begleiter
3rd-Darvin Moon
2nd-Jeff Schulman
1st-Eric Buchman

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