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Tuesday, 03 February 2009

$5,000 + $150 NLHE Championship
Matt 'Allinat420' Stout - chip leader

The final table will get underway at 2pm central time Wednesday. Here are the 9 returning players with their chip counts and seat assignments:

9Matt 'Allinat420' Stout1,005,500
6Jeremy Byrum404,500
1Leonard 'LB' Eidson375,500
4William 'Kai' Landry375,000
7Mike 'GoLeafsGoEh' Leah335,000
3Glenn Hyde155,000
2Matthew 'Brian' McCoy150,400
5David Dao150,000
8Frank Wyville138,500
Total chips in play3,080,000
Players remaining9
Average stack342,222

These are the folks that cashed out today:

PlacePayout Player
10$ 14,718 Gavin Smith
11$ 14,718 Vince Byrd
12$ 14,718 Quentin Battle
13$ 12,510 Jeremiah Vinsant
14$ 12,510 Mark Burrier
15$ 12,510 Jeff Morrill
16$ 11,039 James S. Kizer Jr.
17$ 11,039 Tony Calender
18 tie$5,519.50 Va Shon Watkins
18 tie$5,519.50 Kathy Liebert

Gavin Smith - 10th place
Tuesday, 03rd of February 2009 05:03 PM

Kai Landry and Gavin Smith got all-in pre-flop. Gavin held pocket 8s and was ahead of Kai's pocket 3s, but the board came 9 4 3 9 K and Kai flopped a set and turned a boat to take the pot, sending Gavin Smith home in 10th place.

Gavin Smith finished in 10th place, earning $14,718.

With 9 players remaining, that's it for today. Chip counts will be posted shortly.

Vince Byrd - 11th place
Tuesday, 03rd of February 2009 04:58 PM

Vince Byrd open-shoved for ~60k and Mike Leah looked him up with AJ. Vince held 98 suited and needed help, but got none on the board.

Vince Byrd flew out of here in 11th place, earning $14,718.

The final ten are drawing seats and moving to a single table where play will continue until one more in busted.

Quentin Battle - 12 th place
Tuesday, 03rd of February 2009 04:45 PM

After Matt Stout opened for 16k, Quentin Battle (button) moved in for 56k on top. Matt said "If it was anyone else, I would snap-call". After Matt got the count, hemade the call showing K J. Quentin held J T and was in bad shape. The board came A A K 9 2 and Quentin was busted. The big stack gets bigger.

Quentin Battle loses the war in 12th place, earning $14,718.

Tuesday, 03rd of February 2009 04:30 PM

Level 14: Blinds 3k/6k with 500 antes. Play continues.

The blinds actually went up about 15 minutes ago, but I'm just now catching up with all the bust-outs!

Jeremiah Vinsant - 13th place
Tuesday, 03rd of February 2009 04:23 PM

After a raising war with Matt Stout's big stack, Jeremiah Vinsant was all-in pre-flop with pocket Tens, only to find out that Matt held pocket Jacks. The board changed nothing and Jeremiah was busted. Matt now has a monster stack of 915k.

Jeremiah Vinsant finished in 13th place, earning $12,510.

Jeff Morrill - 15th place
Tuesday, 03rd of February 2009 04:17 PM

Jeff Morrill was down to his last 5k, which he moved in with Q3 suited. Mark Burrier and David Dao called. On the flop of 8 7 2 Mark moved in with AT off (two overs). David called holding 8 6 for top pair with a useless flush draw. The last two came 7 2 and David took both the main and side pots with 8s-up.

Jeff Morrill finished in 15th place, earning $12,510.
Mark Burrier finished in 14th place, earning $12,510.

James S, Kizer, Jr. - 16th place
Tuesday, 03rd of February 2009 04:03 PM

Tony Calender got his last chips in with A7, only to run into Kai Landry's A8.  An 8 hit the flop and Tony couldn't catch up.

Tony Calender finished in 17th place, earning $11,039.

James Kizer got his last chips in with AK, only to run into pocket 7s. No help for him on the board and he was dispatched.

James S. Kizer, Jr. finished in 16th place, earning $11,039.

Va Shon Watkins - 18th place
Tuesday, 03rd of February 2009 03:55 PM

Va Shon Watkins open-shoved for his last 39k and called called by the big blind, who held 73. Va Shon's J9 suited was ahead, but a 7 hit the board and Va Shon got no help. He busted out in 18th place, but since it was during round-for-round play and no other players busted during the round, he and Kathy will split 18th place money. They will each take $5,519.50 for their efforts here.

Va Shon Watkins and Kathy Liebert tied for 18th place, each earning $5,519.50.

The final 17 players have drawn for seats and moved to the final two tables.  Play continues.

Kathy Liebert - 19th place
Tuesday, 03rd of February 2009 03:44 PM

David Dao moved in and action was to Kathy Liebert, who tanked for a bit. She finally made the call, only to see David's pocket Aces. Kathy held AT and was way behind. She got no help from the board and David doubled through, leaving Kathy crippled.

Frank Wyville opened for 15k and it was up to Kathy, who already had 4k of her stack in with big blind. With only 5k left behind, she decided it was time to gamble and moved in. Unfortunately, her J3 was dominated by Frank's QJ. A Queen on the flop spelled the end for Kathy and she hit the rail 19th, today's bubble-gal.

If anyone else busts out during the round, Kathy will share the prize money.

Jordan Morgan - 20th place
Tuesday, 03rd of February 2009 03:38 PM

On a Q 9 4 flop, Jordan Morgan moved in and got looked up by Jeremiah Vinsant. Jordan held 98 for middle pair, but was trailing Jeremiah's QT for top pair. The last two cards came J K giving Jeremiah a straight and giving Jordan the boot in 20th place.

With 19 players remaining, they went to 'round-for-round' play, where each table would play one orbit and stop. It more than one player busted during the round, they would share 18th place prize money.

'Captain' Tom Franklin - 21st place
Tuesday, 03rd of February 2009 03:29 PM

'Captain' Tom Franklin had already shipped a lot of his chips over to Matt Stout and was down to ~30k. Tom shipped those ~30k into the middle and again got action from Matt, who held pocket Tens. Tom's AK would have to improve for him to survive. The board produced nothing but bricks and Captain Tom finished in 21st place.

Tuesday, 03rd of February 2009 03:11 PM

Level 13: Blinds 2k/4k with 500 antes. Play has resumed. 21 players remain.

Ray Lynn - 24th place
Tuesday, 03rd of February 2009 03:56 PM

Ray Lynn opened for 15k and Matt Stout made it 57k to play. Ray called and the flop came J T 7 rainbow and Matt fired 35k, which put Ray all in. Ray obliged, putting the last of his chips in the pot. Matt held AJ for top pair. Ray held pocket 6s and was in bad shape. The last two came 4 4 and Ray was busted in 24th place.

James Kizer got Stuart Breakstone's chips all in the middle. James held pocket 6s and Stuart held AK. Off to the races as the board came Q T 9 Q 6. Stuart came up empty and was busted in 23rd place.

Just before the break, Shane Smith busted in 22nd place.

End of level and players are taking a break as they color up the black 100 chips.

Pat Walsh - 25th place
Tuesday, 03rd of February 2009 02:50 PM

On a flop of J 7 7, Pat Walsh moved all-in and got the look-up from Jeremiah Vinsant. Pat Walsh held pocket 6s and was way behind Jeremiah's KJ (Jacks-up). The last two came 2 A and Pat was done in 25th place.

Glenn Hyde moved in and got called by Kai Landry in the big blind. Glenn held K Q and he was leading Kai's 75 off. The board came K Q 3 4 Q and Glenn doubled up.

Kathy Liebert moved in and David Dao made the call. Kathy held K 8 and was actually ahead of David's 7 5. The board came Q J 4 4 Q and Kathy took the pot with her King kicker, doubling to ~70k. David, who started the day as the chip leader, is now down to ~40k.

David Rylander - 26th place
Tuesday, 03rd of February 2009 02:40 PM

David Dao and Frank Wyville tangled up in another pot. On the river, the board showed J J 8 4 Q and David fired 25k. Frank thought about it for a bit, counting out the 25k to call. Then he counted out another 50k like he was going to raise, but then put those chips back in his stack. He finally decided to call and David said "good call" showing 97 (busted gutshot). Frank showed pocket 7s to take the pot.

After the pot was opened for a raise, David Rylander moved his short-stack all-in. Then Quentin Battle moved in over the top. The opener folded and David showed pocket 8s. Quentin had him crushed with pocket Queens. The board brought a quintet of bricks and Quentin took the pot. David Rylander finished 26th.

Paula Halata - 27th place
Tuesday, 03rd of February 2009 02:34 PM

Lot of early action:

Chip leader David Dao opened for 12k and then Frank Wyville kicked it up to 27k. David moved all-in and Frank tanked for a little bit, then called all-in. David held Q9 off (no, that is not a typo) and Frank's AK off was ahead. The board came A 8 7 2 5 and Frank doubled up through the former chip leader.

Gavin Smith opened for 8,500 and Paula Halata called. The flop came T 9 9 and Gavin bet 35k, which was enough to cover Paula. She decided to call all-in, showing AT off for two pair. Gavin rolled over pocket Kings for a superior two-pair holding. Paula needed an Ace or Ten to survive, but the last two came 7 J and Paula was busted in 27th place.

Tuesday, 03rd of February 2009 02:03 PM

Level 12 (continued): Blinds 1,500/3,000 with 400 antes. Play has resumed.

David Dao - chip leader
Day 2 begins at 2pm central time Tuesday. 49 minutes remains in level 12.

Here are the chip counts for the 27 remaining players, sorted by day 2 table/seat assignment (to see this list sorted by chip counts, go to the day 1 blog):

41Frank Wyville143,200
42Matthew 'Brian' McCoy120,000
43James S. Kizer Jr.77,900
44'Captain' Tom Franklin117,100
45David Dao291,700
46Kathy Liebert51,700
47Elmer 'Ray' Lynn65,600
48Tony Calender96,800
49Matt 'Allinat420' Stout255,500
51Jeremy Byrum214,000
52Gavin Smith148,600
53Mark Burrier69,600
54Vince Byrd105,300
55Leonard 'LB' Eidson204,300
56Shane Smith89,800
57Paula Halata64,600
58David Rylander43,500
59Quentin Battle64,700
61Jeremiah Vinsant130,200
62Jordan Morgan84,700
63William 'Kai' Landry206,700
64Glenn Hyde55,000
65Stuart Breakstone6,800
66Mike 'GoLeafsGoEh' Leah211,400
67Jeff Morrill60,600
68Pat Walsh39,100
69Va Shon Watkins71,800
 Total chips in play3,080,000
Players remaining27
Average stack114,074

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