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The Old Dog and Pony
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Monday, 02 February 2009

The Stone Pony

Duke was up early today as we just moved into our out-of-town friend's Hanlalei Beach house and there was much to explore. He rolled around inour bed and head-butted his mother and I to the point where it was gently suggested that I get him out of there for his own safety.

Duke been rocking the multi color long sleeve T-shirt shirt under a sort sleeve T-shirt look that his Daddy used to sport back in his poker days and I thought it fitting that I outfit him in a nice New York Football Giants baby blue T to not only match his eyes but also the first Superbowl of his life where The Giants were not crowned Champions.

We headed off down to a local eating joint where Duke is semi-famous and shared a big bowl fo fresh fruit and organic yogurt. Duke's found his forking ability so all fruit must be speared first and then handed to him before he will eat it. This directly conflicts with my favorite by hand "monkey style" feeding but you can't holg back progress.

I'm always shocked when someone on this little bitty island out inthe middle of the Pacifc comes up to me and tells me they read my pokerpages column but it happened agin this morning. It was a local western doctor and he told me that he enjoyed my stretching column and that he wished I would elaborate more and that he in fact tells his patients "One day you will not be able to bend down and tie your own shoes. What day that is is up to you." Hmmm.

A lot of readers have written in asking me more specific questions about stretching etc. Usually with my clients, if I think I know the answer, I have two different answers. One is the simplest. most clear one that is actually least likely to lead to the person following it up in a way that manifested the most positively in them. The other is also true, way may likely to lead to their initial activation of what needs to happen to free them a bit but all-in-all a bit of a dog and pony show to pass time until the horse is not only led to water but made to drink.

The important part to be cognizant of is that the static stretching we were taught over the last 40 years to do is not only "wrong" it achieves negative results. Don't do it. Kindergarten- don't do it. First grade- stretch dynamically. Second-grade- examine what is negative in static stretching and figure out how not to replicate it.

I'm not sure of the corresponding levels of difficulty in exploring this seemingly small subject but I was not being flippant or cute when I suggested watching the stretching that cats and babies do in and around sleep, but mostly as soon as consciousness return to their bodies. It's a much deeper subject and I'll try to write about it later but in a very big way consciouness is what causes the tightness, particularly in hamstrings.

Form brings stiffness by it's definition and therefore the less form and structure you bring to your stretching the more likely you are to release tension etc in your muscles. I always get a kick out o someone first meeting me and paying me a large amount of money when I tell him or her something along the line of "okay we are going to go over there and watch that cat and learn about stretching." I was very nicely "let go" once this summer for sharing somethinglike this with a very unhealthy, very over weight, very succesful well known CEO.

I told him to watch a seal to see how he moves while on land. Hee hee. The dog and pony is a more steady income.

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