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Beware Of "Guns"
by Shaun Tobin | Contact   
Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Nonsense makes sense to the nonsensical

Iím just starting to train the local lawyer who hosts our Thursday night poker game. He brought a 54 year old friend to the session yesterday who will be his workout partner after I show them both some basic things it will help them to know. His friend has a slight pot-belly and is not really muscular at all but still in ďokayĒ shape for an American his age.

About five minutes into me explaining a basic philosophical point of weight-training he interrupted me to pronounce something I often have heard from the more brainy, less physical humans Iíve trained over the years. I was explaining how to correctly do a single-arm, dumbbell bicep concentration curl and he blurted out ďOkay, but I really donít want to get all muscly and start looking like a body-builder.Ē

We had established that they were going to workout about 40 minutes a day, three times a week. To all the unmuscled, pot-bellied humans out there that have been staying away from the gym, fearing that a few minutes a week of weight-training might make them unrecognizable and covered in huge, thick muscles, Iím here to give you peace of mind. Not gonna happen.

The top body-builders in the world, or even this country, are extremely dedicated and either brilliant themselves or surrounded by very sharp minds. They didnít get to where they are by accidentally going over a 40 minute, three-times-a-week workout they had initially planned on. The guys you might see in the gym with giant biceps, rounded pot belly and pencil thin calves are that sportís delusional equivalent of your average poker player. By average I mean the 50-60% of poker players that are lifetime overall losers but declare themselves winners. Human nature is everywhere humans are. You can count on it.

Iíve been in both the body-building world and also intellectual arenas and this is what had me laughing today: In all my years within the body-building world I often recommended books, authors, philosophers and the like to my large brethren who were looking to work their minds a bit. Never once in my life did one of them say ďOkay, but really I donít want to get all brainy and shit and start solving theorems like Matt Damon in that movie. I just want to get a little smarter but not all freaky smart like that dude in the wheel chair or so I have to start attending conferences and all that bullshit.Ē

How can you not love people?

Thanks for reading.

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