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Cash Game Update
by Shaun Tobin | Contact   
Friday, 07 November 2008

Pounding sand...

Won $827 in 2 1/2 hours at 2/5 NLHE. Here's the big hands-

I limp in cut-off with A 6 and young guy who I have played with before and does not understand why to chage gears but still changes then more than anyone, raises to 35, two other call as do I.

Flop is8 7 5 . It's checked to me where I plan to probably check raise allin after the young kid bets but he checks.

Turn is A .

Checked to me again and I bet $50 into $180. Young guy reraises to $175, old guy who loves draws calls as do I. River is no help 2 and it's check down-- I win.

Later a solid good player raises the old drawy guy limp to 35, two other call as do I in the BB with

5 7 . Old guy calls also.

Flop is J 6 4 .

I bet out $75, old guy calls, original raiser thinks about re raising with his obvious big pocket pair but just calls. Turn is like all the cards I've been getting lately-- 9 . Increases my draws without improving my hand. I've seen this where I brick out and go home with nothing so I push in $400 to give them something to think about.

Old guy folds and eventually the big pocket pair guy does too, congratulating me on my set of sixes.

Back in my room by 5:30 pm on a Friday night at a poker tournament in Pendleton Oregon. I'm going to go run the golf course in the cold and darkness. Donlt know why but I just feel like it.

Thanks fo reading.

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