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Playing against the infirm
by Shaun Tobin | Contact   
Thursday, 06 November 2008

Stupid is as stupid does...

Last time I played Pendleton I wrote about the cash game action and compared many of the players to the brain-damaged star of the movie "Memento." Some of my readers took offense and so I'll just share one hand from the first ten minutes of sitting at my first cash game earlier today. You be the judge.

It was a 2/5 NLHE new table and nine of us sat with $400 each in front. No real action then this hand came up within the first round.

Time out. I'm watching PBS business report and they are doing a report on the "Gold Kit" and "Cash for Gold" infomericial I wrote about. The owner of Cash for Gold says he does over 15,000 "Gold Kits" a week.

Okay back to the hand. There is one guy who check calls every hand. He limps another guy calls and one guy raises 5 to 40, both call. Flop is K Q 8

First guy checks, next guy bets 50 and both call. Turn is 6  making the three flush. First guy checks, next guy checks, third bets 70 and they both call. River is 10 . Check, check and third guy bets 90. The calling station calls and the next guy is about to muck when the third guy tables pocket Queens and then quickly picks them up again.

Now that's bad enough but while the third guy was being shown the trip Queens the other guy who already called tells the guy yet to act that if the other guy has a flush then he's beat. Now the guy yet to act made the final last night and while most of my articles on Pendleton has been how that in no way precludes him from being a moron I'm thinking he has the perfect opportunity to bluff raise all-in since he now knows both opponenets do not have a flush.

Instead he calls and table KJ for top pair? I swear to you on my family that I am not making this up. He called with KJ on KQ8610 after being shown trip Queens. The first guy had AJ and made a straight. When we asked why he called he said he figured out that the one guy had a straight and he thought he was chopping with a straight. I'm sorry, what?

A few hands later itwas folded around to the small blind who turned to the button player who had just folded and asked him if he chopped. Startled a bit he replied that normally he did but could not this hand. The SB got upset and then folded his hand saying "if $5 means that much to you, keep it."

Again I can't even begin to figure out what he was thinking. Did he think he was folding his uncalled BB to the sb? Did he think we were playihg some kind of mixed game where we alternate clockwise with counter clockwise?

I only played for an hour and a half and I could write two more hands that are bafflingly bad.

Thanks for reading.

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