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The Mess
by Shaun Tobin | Contact   
Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Do yourself a favor and skip this unless you are running bad and it helps to hear others

Yesterday I flopped four sets and won one of them—the only one where I was behind. The other three were for all the marbles and I was done, though way ahead for giant stacks on all of them. Won the last one to make $101 on the day- yippee.

Today got down to final 6 paying five flopped another set got it all in and it came runner runner hearts for the four flush bye bye to me.

Then play a bigger tournament and after being 0 for 63 pushed with AJ and picked up the blinds. About three hands later I pushed again with AQ for 1600 w blinds at 75/150. It folded to the BB and w 2200 in chips he defended w 9 10 SOOTED! So that was that.

Then was 3rd w 11 paying 6 when I limped first w AA for 300 was reraised to 1500 and I rr to 3300 and with KJ unsooooted he pushed for 5500. This is why I say I cannot fathom how anyone can lose at online poker. There are a ton of these guys and they do not think they are stupid. He made a straight by the turn and the K did not come for me to resuck so I’m short as they come and all in w A8 as I type. They folded and I’m still alive. Now have 33 –yuck limper so I folded.

Over to the big 200+15 tournamnet. No hands for the first 45 minutes then I have K K in sb w a raise 60 to 180 and two calls. I pump it up to 900 as our starting stacks are 3000. Original raiser calls and it comes 3 low diamonds. I bet out half my stack to let him know I’m in and he pushes. I call and the winner of this pot is going to be chip leader. He has AK not sooooooooted and he doesn’t need it anyway as he rivers the Ace to knock me down to a demeaning 10 chips. I get it all in next hand w 53 and lose to 52—I’m not making this shit up.

There are lots of reasons to make really bad decisions and the people I play against daily seem to consider them all worthy.

For some reason I guess I am here to tell you that you can run extremely bad and still win at online poker. I am not picking 4 out of 10 or 20 tournaments I play and bitching about the bad ones. These are all of them and if I place top 4 in this one now, which I am tenth out of, well ten of course, then I make a profit even on this crappy though regular day.

Nine left and I'm All in w 10 10 UTG let’s see what happens… BB calls me w KK and I am out.

But it’s not much of a way to spend one’s life if you have any other options.

Thanks for reading.

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