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by Kenna James   
Tuesday, 01 January 2008


December 29, 1007

I ate very poorly today. And going to bed tonight I went to sit on the bed and had a sharp pain in my chest. It felt as if I had pulled a muscle in my chest right around where my heart is and I started to think I was having a heart attack. I hadnít experienced anything like this and it was quite scary and anxiety started to set in as the pain wasnít going away. I decided it was best to go to a hospital and determine what was going on with me.

I ended up spending the night in the emergency room as they ran tests that thankfully came up negative. It ended up being an issue with my stomach and a serious case of acid reflux. I also learned from the blood tests that my cholesterol was 9x higher then what it was suppose to be so the trip in was worth it as it also gave me some peace of mind.

December 30, 2007

I was gathered from the hospital in the morning by Marsha and my friends and then we borrowed their car and traveled down the coast to the quaint ocean front town of Brunswick Heads. We went to visit Marshaís family who take up residence for 8 weeks at this campsite every year for the past 35 years! It is a peaceful site at the mouth of a river just off the ocean beach front headland.

Life at Brunswick Heads moves at a very slow pace with relaxation, fishing and boating being the main tasks to complete each day. I got in the boat and we sped down to the heads but it was too dangerous to make our way out into the ocean. A threatening cyclone was developing and the oceanís fury was really something to see. The waves which were about 8-10 feet were pounding the beach and the dark grey afternoon gave a feeling of pending doom. As the waves crashed on the rocks the mist and spray mixed with the dark afternoon was an eerie but beautiful site.

December 31, 2007


My resolution is to become a better measure of a man then the year before. Not to strive for perfection realizing that in life and the game of poker there is none but simply to have a better year then last year and to end the coming year better off financially, physically and spiritually then ever before.

As uneventful as Christmas was in missing it as I traveled over the dateline in route to Australia, so was New Years Eve. We spent the day at our friends at the Gold Coast and I gave my friend Jenny a poker lesson before boarding the train back to Brisbane.

As I type this Iím already in bed watching television. I braved the throngs of thousands in years past to ring in the New Year but am comfortable to be boring this year and give the celebrations a miss and watch ďA Concert for DianaĒ on the television, a tribute to Princess Diana. Great music that inspired me to continue with my own music writing and am excited to have a goal of recording my first album this year.

Australia is in the middle of a draught but its rained every day since Iíve been here. Still beats the hot and humid weather that is the norm this time of year down under. So its been a bit wet and cool which is refreshing.

As usual, Iíve started the year off working out with a goal of losing twenty pounds. Itís always so easy to get motivated at the start of the year but seeing the work out routine through has been the trouble. So I thought I would write it out here to give myself some accountability. Perhaps some of you would like to join me in a simple morning routine. I can set the challenge and perhaps doing it as a team will help carry us through. Iíve made weight bets in the past but this time I want to do it just for me. So if youíre interested in joining me and have some accountability drop me an email at If I get enough responses then and Iíll put out a simple routine to follow here and start a list of everyone on the team and set the challenge. As people donít check in or miss their mark theyíll drop off and we will see who can go the farthest into the year and how many reach their goals. Hope to hear from yíall.

Enjoy the journey,

Kenna James

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