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the Poker Poker Report: 11/20/07
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Monday, 19 November 2007

‘the Poker Poker Report – Give us ten minutes and we promise to get you ten minutes closer to the end of your work day.’

Welcome to a super special Tuesday edition of ‘the Poker Poker Report’, OR ‘tPPR’, the only poker blog to freely say to the public “We LOVE beer!” (keep reading). This edition of tPPR brings you a special weekday commentary of all interesting poker-related news stories including: WSOP (almost) Wins Popularity Contest, Scotty Nguyen Tries to Win Own Tournament, and Bad Beats for Little Rock Poker Club.


‘the Poker Poker Report – Give us ten minutes and we promise to get you ten minutes closer to the end of your work day.’

 WSOP Deemed 11th Most Admired Sports League in North America reports in the following news piece that the World Series Of Poker has been deemed the 11th most admired sport’s league in a poll of 12,000 sports fans contacted by the market research firm Turnkey Sports & Entertainment. Leagues that finished above the WSOP included: the NFL, the NBA, MLB, NHL, the PGA Tour and other “major” sports leagues. Leagues that finished below the WSOP included: NHRA, Indy Racing League, Arena Football, and the LPGA to name a few. The article also points out that the WSOP is the only poker franchise to make the list of the study. Full details regarding the group that put together the study can be found here. 

- See? tPPR has been telling you people for quite some time now that poker is popular. But did you believe us?

- Dear WSOP,

Can you please get a better beer sponsor? We realize it’s all about the bottom line and all, but maybe something just a little more refined would reflect better on you and your fine event. Those dufuses (your word not mine) over at the WPT were able to get the “King of Beers” as their sponsor; leaving you with a TON of room to improve. tPPR realizes that not all of America loves the fine micro beers as the staffers at tPPR do, but we are CERTAIN that something like Corona, Heineken, Rolling Rock, Dos XX, or even Sam Adams would have been a much better choice for your event. Thanks for listening… now please switch your beer.

-tPPR (We LOVE beer!)


Scotty Nguyen has Tournament Named in His Honor

 From the finest news staff on the face of the planet (’s own) comes the best overview of the Scotty Nguyen Poker Challenge taking place at the Cherokee Casino in Oklahoma. 124 players started the event off, making for a prize pool of more than $600,000. This was an increase in both participation and prize pool from a similar event held at the same venue earlier this year. Many pro’s made the trek to OK. to play –among them: T.J. Clouiter, Tood Brunson, Mike Matusow, and ‘The Prince of Poker’ Scotty Nguyen. For full tournament coverage check out the live reports here at

- Seriously! If you haven’t checked out the star-studded final table at this event you’re crazy.T.J., Edler, G. Smith, Scotty Nguyen to name a few. GREAT final table.


Legal Poker League Busted for Being Illegal

     From the website for FM 89 KUAR an NPR associated radio station, comes the story of a small ‘club poker league’ busted by the Little Rock authorities. Seems the National Poker Challenge poker room in Little Rock was raided and owners and employees were charged with keeping a gaming house, a class D felony. According to the article, police warned the owners of the establishment that they were operating an illegal business when the NPC was originally setting up the satellite room. The NPC, however, contends that player’s do not have to buy-in to play poker, therefore making it a legal, lawful operation. The NPC further contends that they consulted various local lawyers, including the city’s attorney, and were advised that the play is not considered gambling. Another summary can be found here thanks to And finally an opinion from Arkansas Business written by Tre Baker here

- Seems this one was a-brewing from the get go. Reads as though the city let them know in advance what position they would be taking, and that the local NPC group decided they would continue operations knowing that trouble was looming, but believing they were legal. This one is sure to continue to develop, so stay tuned to tPPR for further idiot commentary.

That’s the report for today. Check in again later this week for the next edition of tPPR.


 ‘the Poker Poker Report – Give us ten minutes and we promise to get you ten minutes closer to the end of your work day.’

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