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World Poker Tour - Foxwoods World Poker Finals 2007 - The Final Table
by 2007 World Poker Tour Coverage   
Monday, 12 November 2007

Foxwoods World Poker Finals 2007 - The Final Table
Tuesday, 13th of November 2007 10:13 PM

Nick Schulman was OTB and made it 350k and Mike Vela wasted no time in reraising to 1.7 million. Schulman also wasted no time in moving all-in and as quick as he could make the announcement, Vela called and tabled A-Q. Schulman turned over pocket 5's and they were off to the races. But, not for long when the flop came Q-AJ giving Vela the dominating hand. The turn was the 7 and the crowd was going hysterical. The river 8 made the pro Vela crowd begin to celebrate! Nick Vela is our season 6 World Poker Final champion earning $1,704,986 and the $25k seat to the Bellagio.

Mike Vela - Champion

Nick Schulman almost became the first repeat winner at Foxwoods. A feat which is yet to occur. Instead, he goes home in 2nd earning $864,652.

Nick Schulman - 2nd place finisher

Tuesday, 13th of November 2007 09:39 PM

Mike and Nick are back in their seats and the cards got back in the air again. The blinds are at 60k-120k with a 15k ante.

Tuesday, 13th of November 2007 09:16 PM

Mike Vela had the button and raised to 450k. Nenad Medic moved all-in for 2.93 million and Schulman got out of the way. Mike Vela insta-called and was proud to show his A-Jo. Nenad wasn't too happy to show the A 7. The flop is K-9-8r. The turn brings out the J, but it does help Nenad. If the 10 falls on the river, Nenad is gonna win. Alas, another J comes out and the pro Vela crowd goes nuts as Nenad wanders off stage. Nenad Medic has finished 3rd place earning $486,367.

Nenad Medic - 3rd place finisher

The final two player's stacks look like this:

Mike Vela: 13,051,000
Nick Schulman: 4,255,000

We start heads up play with Nick OTB. But, first, the elaborate money presentation.

Tuesday, 13th of November 2007 09:05 PM

So, there was some confusion about the blinds. We got into one hand and they realized that they are supposed to be at 15k antes with 60k-120 blinds. This is the correct blinds!

Tuesday, 13th of November 2007 08:59 PM

The blinds have just gone up to 50k-100k with a 15k ante. The remaining 3 chip counts are:

Michael Vela: 10.6 million
Nick Schulman: 3.8 million
Nenad Medic: 3.45 million

Tuesday, 13th of November 2007 08:46 PM

Nick Schulman raised to 6225k and got instantly reraised by Tom Dwan who went all-in. Medic folded and the action was on Mike vela who tanked. After thinking for a minute, he made the call and Nick Schulman quickly folded. Dwan turned over A-K and Vela shook his head in disgust and tabled K-J. The flop was 10-7-3. The turn paired the board with another 10. The only card that Vela could catch is a J to win this hand...and a J hit the river. Vela had Dwan covered and now Dwan is done in 4th place earning $324,244.

Tom Dwan - 4th place finisher

Tuesday, 13th of November 2007 08:09 PM

The remaining 4 players are on a t.v. timeout.

We are back to the normal raise fold, fold, fold. None of the players want to get involved in any big pots. In an earlier hand, Nick Schulman raised to 240k in the sb and Tom Dwan called. The flop was J-9-4 and Nick bet out 425k. Dwan called and the turn was a J. Again, Schulman fired out 600k and dwan tanked for a minute before making the call. The river popped off a 6 and Nick made it 840k. Tom Dwan was obviously getting beat up by the relentless betting of Schulman and had to think. He rechecked his cards after 4 minutes and finally called. Schulman turned over the K-9 for the two pair and Dwan hesitated before finally folding. Nick picked up a 4.25 million pot.

Tuesday, 13th of November 2007 07:38 PM

In the cutoff, Mike Vela raised to and Mike White moved all-in OTB. The sb and BB folded and Vela asked for a count, which was 340k. Vela thought for a minute before finally calling. Mike Vela tabled K-10o and Mike White held 6 7. The flop was good for White when the J 4 and 3 came, giving him a straight draw to help with his outs. The turn was the 10 and now Mike Vela had the pair, but the diamond draw was Mike White's only hope. The river was the 2 and Mike Vela scooped the pot in. Mike White is our 5th place finisher earning $243,184.

Mike White - 5th place finisher

Tuesday, 13th of November 2007 07:13 PM

After Mike White made a raise of 240k, Nenad Medic moved all-in and Mike wanted a count. Before they could get the count (1.715 million) done, Mike called and turned over the A K and Medic held pocket 10's. The flop came 10 6 3 and now the set was a huge favorite. The turn card was the J and Mike had a drawing chance, until Tom Dwan and Mike Vela both said they both had a Q. The river was a K and Mike white has doubled up the defending champion, Nenad Medic. He now has 3.7 million and White has slipped to 5th in chips with 3.1 million.

The blinds are now at 40k-80k with a 10k ante.

There have been some issues with creased cards. It was first noticed by Mike White and they got another deck. After they got the new deck, they played a few hands and, again, Mike White found a crease. Upon further investigation, it was found that all of the A's were creased! Something fishy or just coincidence? 2 deecks of cards with creases in the A's!

Tuesday, 13th of November 2007 06:31 PM

The players are now on a 10 minute breather! The blinds are still 30k-60k with a 5k ante.

So far, every player has taken a turn at making the raise and taking down a pot. The play has definitely taken a conservative turn since we lost Mark. The one player doing the most raising right now is Mike Vela. He's been playing this way for quite some time now. So, it's nothing new to see him get aggressive.

Mike Vela did manage to take some money off of Mike White in hand 11 when he made the full house.

Here are the updated chip counts:

Mike Vela: 4.3 million
Mike White: 4.1 million
Tom Dwan: 3.75 million
Nick Schulman: 3.3 million
Nenad Medic: 1.7 million
Tuesday, 13th of November 2007 05:51 PM

Nenad Medic raised to 200k and Mike Vela folded in the sb. Mark Weitzman was in the BB and made the move for an extra 400k and Nenad made the call. Nenad held A 5 versus the A 3 for Mark. The flop was 9 7 2 and it looked like we would see a split pot. The turn was the J and now Medic could take this down with a heart. The river was the heart Medic was looking for with the 2. Mark Weitzman is our 6th place finisher earning $189,142.

Mark Weitzman - 6th place finisher!

Tuesday, 13th of November 2007 05:41 PM

The very first hand of action saw Mike White raise on the button to 175k. Schulman folds and Tom Dwan reraises to 640k and Mike calls. The flop is the 4 4 3 and Dwan lead out for 330k. White calls and the turn was the J. Both players check the turn and the river is the 10. Again, both players check and Mike turns over pocket 9's and Dwan folds. Mike White takes down the big pot.

On the second hand, the action folded around to Dwan in the sb. Dwan made a raised to 750k and Nenad Medic called and was all-in. Both players flipped them up and Nenad was in trouble.

Medic: K-Qo
Dwan: Q-Q

The flop was uneventful for Medic when the 2-9-3 popped out. The turn gave some hope to Medic when the J dropped, for the possibility of a straight. The river was the K and Nenad Medic has doubled through.

Remember that Nenad Medic is our defending champion and Nick Schulman won this two years ago. There has never been a repeat champion in the history of the WPT!

Tuesday, 13th of November 2007 05:25 PM

The crowd is getting whipped into a frenzy and the cards are in the air! The blinds are at 30k-60k with a 5k ante. The button is on Mike White, Nick Schulman is the sb and Tom Dwan is the BB.

Here are the seating assignments and chips:

1. Nenad Medic - 555,000
2. Mike Vela - 4,155,000
3. Mark Weitzman - 855,000
4. Mike White - 2,455,000
5. Nick Schulman - 4,395,000
6. Tom "Durr" Dwan - 4,875,000

Tuesday, 13th of November 2007 04:12 PM

We are about 45 minutes from the start of the t.v. table here at Foxwoods. I just had a moment to speak with Mike White and he feels confident in his game. He has a huge following here with him tonight as people all over the state and country are here to cheer on the "local boy".

The field is set and the players are ready to go. Our defending champion Nenad Medic has defended his title well thus far. Nick Schulman also won this event 2 years ago and looks to repeat his 2 million dollar performance. Local player Mike White has put on an absolute poker clinic for his many supporters in the crowd. Tom Dwan, is the leading stack right now and looks to pick apart this table. Mike Velo has been having the time of his life while playing a great game. Mark Weitzman is our small stack and hopes to get to the top through 5 other players. Who will it be? A repeat performer? An internet whizkid? Or one of the local player's that is at their first big dance? Be sure to follow every flop, fold, bluff, raise, and all-in here at!

Nenad Medic - Season 5 champion

After taking a break from the tournament road, Brian Heptinstall is here to sweat the field! If you have any questions that you'd like to get answered or know someone in the field you'd like to keep up with, you can send Brian an e-mail at !


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