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Bored in Vegas? Go Somewhere Else!
by Bryan Devonshire   
Wednesday, 01 August 2007

Detroit, Monroe, Adrian, Jackson, Lake Mead, and Laughlin
Sorry I haven't written in a while, but I've simply been pretty busy traveling around goofing off. Last Thursday I flew to Detroit for a random and spontaneous trip to visit a friend of mine that is a professional pool player. Now, pool is something that is played in bars and my buddies and I gamble on it for way too much money. I was exposed to the underworld of pool this weekend, and I got hooked. My friend and I chased around the tournament circuit in Michigan and I was exposed to some professional pool players, I played in my first two pool tournaments, I bought a stick, and just want to play pool these days. I played one guy named Adam Smith who is one of the top male players in the midwest, and some would even call him the best. He destroyed me. Watching him play was truly like watching an artist. I actually got him in two games in a race to seven, but one was because he made a mistake on the 8 scratching and giving me ball in hand for an easy run-out on the eight-nine. The other game was when I had a one-nine combo off the break that was definately a makeable shot. It was still a very challenging shot and I was very proud to pull it off, but the point is that I didn't exactly "beat" Adam in two games, I just happened to win two of them. Those two games are like a bad player winning a couple of hands against a better player - it doesn't mean that the bad player beat the good player, it means that they won a couple of hands. Big deal. There are so many similarities between the pool world and the poker world. I had a blast hanging with those guys.

So I came back Sunday night, and us roomies went to play pool!

Monday, I woke up and was planning on getting some good work done. Then, I got tortured in every effing screen open on my desktop for the first half an hour. In the one tourney I played ($162 FTP) I got it all in pre with KK and ended up being against AA... and KK! Grrrrr... It was an interesting spot actually because I definately could have laid those kings down pre. I've been in the school of thought that says never lay kings down unless you absolutely know your opponent or it's on the bubble of a super satellite, etc, etc..., but in this case it went UTG raise to 90, BTN raise to 300, I raise to 900 BB, UTG call, BTN shove, I cover both but it's like twelve minutes into the tourney and they're both around the starting stack. But, people do stupid things too much and I just can't do it against unknowns and esp. online. That was when I decided I had enough and I was off to do something.

I ended up at the pool hall.

Tuesday was a lake day all day. We finally got the trailer bearings fixed and got the Piece of Ship back on the water. A little piece of me is actually disappointed that we don't have a crappy looking blue pontoon boat with a 3x5 foot pirate flag on mast sitting on a crappy trailer sitting on cinder blocks in front of our house anymore. Now it's on tires again. Disappointing.

Anyways, on the way back from the lake we were discussing what we were going to eat when Jared said, "Lets go to Laughlin." Two hours later we were checking into a free room at the Edgewater. We then went to Loser's Lounge and honestly thought that everybody there was playing some joke on us. It's really hard to describe the sceen in the club without offending 90% of society in some way or another. I'll just leave it at that - it was a very eclectic, diverse, and odd crowd. The "we gotta get out of here moment" was when the lead singer chick for the cover band pulled out a cowbell and played it like it was going out of style for the final song of the night. Not as a joke, not as a small addidition, but as a "hey, this song is better with cowbell, so I'm gonna bang away on it with a drumstick for most of the entire song so the crowd will like us more." From there we went to the poker room and played drunken 2-6 spread limit poker. The game got turned upside down on hand one where I sit down, raise blind (over two limpers - 80 and 60 year old ladies... :-), say, "Y'all should call. I probably don't have anything." Everybody folds and I table my 92o. Good times. Once the table realized that we were just three kids there for good times and gambooooling everybody got along and it was a very fun table.

From there we headed back on the boardwalk, stopped into our favorite little bar in Laughlin, the Regency. Danny and I played a death match of pool for $50 a rack, and I edged him 2-1. Back to the Edgewater, to McDonalds for breakfast, and Jared did one of the silliest drunken things ever. He asks the lady behind the counter, who happenes to be the same one who denied my $100 bribe for 20 chicken nuggets last March when they were serving breakfast at a similar moment in the day, for "The biggest and best breakfast you have." Then, for some weird reason the guy orders FIVE large orange juices. Total bill: $21.56. Just for him! McDonalds breakfast! LOL! The best part though that is when we got to the room and the three of us were preparing to eat, Danny and Jared got into a wrestling match, Jared laid down in bed post wrestling, and FORGOT to eat his breakfast that he was so excited about! We are still laughing about that as I write this.

After I finished breakfast I decided to play some 5-10 NL online cause the 15-30 games weren't going (bad idea). I managed to get a guy all-in on the flop when he started the hand with $1100 pre holding the A K on a 9 5 3 flop. He was drawing stone dead vs. my A K , and I nailed my freeroll on the river. Sweet :-).

Then watcing the hand histories this morning, I saw this one and it was evidence of reasons to not play drunken high stakes poker. Button opens for $35, I make it $110 on BB with A8o, he calls. Flop T7x two spades, I bet $120, he makes it $330, I shove for all the monies about $700 more, he folds. Lucky me, retarded play all around!

Anyways, off to breakfast.

Peace and good luck!


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