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WSOPoker Day 17 & 18, events 27 & 28 NLHE
by Bryan Devonshire   
Sunday, 17 June 2007

I suck at no-limit.
Well, yesterday I wasn't in the mood to write about my pathetic sojurn through the massive field of the WSOP 1500 NLHE events. I got donkey effed twice and could never recover. I lost the rest of my chips in the 150-300/25 level when I tried to squeeze the loosest guy on the table who opened for 875 and was called in two spots. I shoved all-in for 4850 total and was called in two spots... 77, and then A9s over-shove-all-in. I had J4. I can't believe that didn't hold up! What a bad beat! LOL...

Then today I found myself playing in the 3k NLHE event at a super juicy table. One guy was trying very hard to give his chips away and ended up building a huge stack. I ended level 2 with 6500, up 500 from our starting stack. Then on the second hand back I played a 7k pot with a guy holding top pair and a gutshot and me holding the nut straight. He turned trips and river double paired the board. Arg. I drifted all the way down to 1900 in the 100-200 level when I doubled up with AT on a Txx flop. I then picked up a couple of small pots. Then, holding JJ in the BB, blinds 100-200/25, it was limped three ways to me and I raised it an additional 1k. The guy giving his chips away called me. Flop J9x two clubs, I bet 1300, he shoves, I insta call, he has KQ no clubs. Up to 12k. Then, last hand before the break, I flop bottom set and bust another guy. Now we're cruisin. Into the second break with 16k.

I bluffed a guy off a huge pot early on to bring my stack to 19,975, and I was feeling very good. The guy giving his chips away busted, and was replaced with a super large stack who had me covered. The first hand he was dealt he opened to 750 on the 150-300/25 level. Folded to me in the SB and I look down at AQo. I really don't think he's that strong at this point so I decide to take the pot down right there. I re-raise to 2500. He thinks for a long while and finally makes the call. I still don't think he's that strong, but - it looks like I need to hit a hand now. I have him on AK, maybe AQ, and any pair. Course - he could have anything, cause I have no history on this guy, but he just really didn't look too happy to be calling.

Flop Q 7 5 . Nice. I lead for 3500. He thinks for a bit, counts out 3500, and then says, "All-in."

Excuse me? I've got 13,400 left in my stack. This is normally a marginal fold due to the stack I was up against, but I was just really feeling that I needed to be calling there. So much of NLHE is feel and instinct, and at that point my instinct was telling me to call.

I need an instinct transplant. He had QQ. So, I got my huge stack into the middle as a 97.4% underdog. Nice.

So, oops, I donked off my huge stack, and I totally could have played that hand in so many different ways, but my instincts are usually right and they have taken me to where I am today. Can't be right every time, eh?

Monday and Tuesday I'm off (lake), and then I'm back Wednesday for the $3k LHE event.

Peace and good luck,


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