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2007 World Series of Poker... Here we Go!
Monday, 28 May 2007

Justin West is in Vegas, and Boy are His Eyes Tired
Well, folks, for all intents and purposes we are off the races. I write this from what will be my bed for the next six to seven weeks, knowing full well that all the excitement that is the Las Vegas Strip lurks a mere ten minute drive away from my front door.

Here we go!

It never ceases to amaze me. Today was only my second ever flight into Las Vegas, but on this one, just like the last, at least a dozen people paid $4 for a Budweiser or a watered-down rum and Coke on the way into town. It's almost like they're saying to themselves: "Well, I know I'm about to go dump a lot of money, might as well get an early start, and get an early start at making myself feel better about it while I'm at it."

Know how I celebrated my first night in town? I ate at Chili's. Ha! I had fun, though, just chatting a bit with the others on the PokerPages reporting team. Surprisingly, the food was damned good. Even more surprising, I wasn't bursting into a full sweat the moment I left the restaurant.

Though many have noted their frustration with the constant date-shifting of the World Series of Poker, I find myself enjoying the earlier dates. This time last year it was already in triple digits, and never dropped below them for the entirety of my stay. Today it was but 95 degrees when I stepped off the plane, downright chilly compared to the hellish climate last year.

The 2007 World Series of Poker starts Friday, for all those are interested - which, I would suppose, is all of you. I doubt you'd be reading this, if you weren't. For that matter, it's going to start off with a bang, with the $5,000 World Championship Mixed Hold'em. This is a new event, and I can't wait to see how it plays out. Will we have the kind of throngs of players crowding the tables elbow-to-elbow like we did for the first public event last year? Just how much is the UIGEA going to change things?

And I guess that's the real question this year. Certainly, PokerPages will be providing live coverage so you can follow, live, who wins what and get the sense that you're here. But we're also here to answer questions like that. I honestly feel as though the attendance at this year's World Series of Poker may very well give us an idea of just how much the foundation of poker in general was shaken as a result of Frist's darling. Wanna find out? Come back Friday.

I will tell you this - I'm jet lagged, and very much so. I gained two hours when I flew out here so right now, though the clock says "10:30," my body is saying, "Time to go to sleep, man!" At least it wasn't the other way around. I'm such a night owl I think if I'd have lost two hours it would have screwed me over for the entirety of the Series.

All for now, I suppose. More later... much more!


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