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World Poker Tour @ Foxwoods Poker Classic - Main Event Day 2
by 2007 World Poker Tour Coverage   
Sunday, 01 April 2007

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World Poker Tour @ Foxwoods Poker Classic - Main Event Day 2
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$9,700 + $300 NLHE Championship

Sunday, 01st of April 2007 09:09 PM

Day 3 will begin at noon on Monday. 56 players will return to continue their hunt for over $1.2 million first prize. The seat draw will be done overnight and posted at the start of the Day 3 blog.

Casey Griswold - chip leader

Here are the surviving players with their chip counts:

Casey Griswold397,800
Amnon Filippi379,600
Bob Kairnes337,800
Luis Vasquez317,300
Frank Flowers311,000
Stephen Sangermano280,000
Ted Lawson280,000
Yariv Levi269,500
Steve Sung268,600
Peter Chabot265,800
Seth Berger258,900
Antonio Cavezza245,900
Robert Weiss233,800
Matt Glantz205,200
Kyle Bowker203,400
John Haronian194,100
John Hennigan192,900
Chau Giang192,400
Fred Goldberg192,100
Robert 'Bob' Hwang172,900
Patel Rajendra165,000
Darrell 'Gigabet' Dicken156,900
Justin Peche156,200
Randy Spain151,500
Paul Darden, Jr.147,300
John Racener140,700
Pardha Panchananam134,000
Carl Restifo130,600
Nam Le127,200
Brian Lesser126,200
Andrew Powderly123,800
Sherwin Agard123,100
Eugene Fouksman110,700
Frank Sgambato110,100
Phong Huynh104,900
Paul Giacobbe93,000
Joshua Mandell86,800
Chris Cea72,400
Rick Galvin72,100
Chris Bell71,300
Fran Cipriano71,100
Garrett Johnson64,400
Kirk Morrison62,600
Jean-Robert Bellande60,100
Juan 'Majic' Catala58,400
Thomas Schreiber55,700
Allen Kessler53,800
Nathan Childress52,900
Joseph Boroks44,200
Bill Gazes42,900
Ioannis Patsourakis40,200
Andrew Stone39,800
Howard 'Terry' Boyd31,700
Joe Raposa28,000
Danny Fuhs23,900
Paul Matteo13,500
Total chips in play8,300,000
Players remaining56
Average stack148,214

Sunday, 01st of April 2007 08:26 PM

Luis Vasquez has busted Jesse Martin. Casey Griswold flopped a flush to crack Paul D'Ambrosia's pocket Aces and send Paul home.

End of level 10 and that's it for today. The board says 57 players remain, but there may have been last-minute bustage. Players are beginning the bag-and-tag process now. Chip counts will be posted when available.

Sunday, 01st of April 2007 08:04 PM

Vincenzo Abate moved in with J T 6 on the board and was called by Darrell 'Gigabet' Dicken' Vincenzo's QJ (top pair) was in bad shape against Darrell's AJ (top pair, top kicker). Running 7s sealed the deal and Vincenzo was busted.

Curt Kohlberg got his chips in with T8 suited but Steve Sung's pocket deuces held up and Curt's day was curt-ailed.

Sunday, 01st of April 2007 07:52 PM

Allen Kessler got his last ~15K all in with AT and was called by a player with KQ. Board was all rags and Allen doubled up with Ace-high.

Sunday, 01st of April 2007 07:38 PM

Casey Griswold just took a big pot from Kirk Morrison with pocket Jacks over Kirk's pocket 3s.

Stephen 'Dakota' Happas has departed, as has Ninette Ebeid, the last woman in this event. It's all testosterone from here on.

Chris Bell got all in with pocket Jacks against John Hennigan's pocket Tens.  The Jacks held up and Chris doubled up.

Sunday, 01st of April 2007 07:32 PM

Hoyt Corkins has busted out when his pocket 6s ran into pocket 8s.

63 players remain with about an hour left to play today.

Sunday, 01st of April 2007 07:11 PM

John Myung got his last chips in before the break but didn't survive.

Mike Omelchuk has busted out early in this level.

Sunday, 01st of April 2007 07:00 PM

Level 10: Blinds 1K/2K with 300 antes. Play has resumed. 67 players remain -- 21 busted out in the previous level.

Amnon Filippi


Amnon Filippi400,000
Peter Chabot355,000
Yariv Levi258,000
Luis Vasquez247,000
Antonio Cavezza240,000
Frank Flowers214,000
Steve Sung214,000
Casey Griswold214,000
Seth Berger210,000
John Racener200,000
Chau Giang190,000
Robert Weiss22,000
Total chips in play8,300,000
Players remaining67
Average stack123,881

Sunday, 01st of April 2007 06:46 PM

End of level 9 and players are on break.

Sunday, 01st of April 2007 06:39 PM

Several players took the flop for the minimum: K A K . Checked to Nemet 'Ninette' Ebeid, (utg) who bet 3,200. Paul Darden (button) was the only caller. Turn was 6 and again she bet 3,200. This time Paul moved all in, for about 7,200 more. She called, showing A2 for Aces up, but Paul held KQ for trips. The river was a blank and Paul more than doubled up. Ninette, the last woman left in this tournament, was down to about 50K after that hand.

Sunday, 01st of April 2007 06:23 PM

Kathy Liebert was busted by Krik Morrison when he made a set. Amnon Filippi busted another player when he caught pocket Aces and called the AJ all-in. Amnon is approaching 400K now.

72 players remain.

Sunday, 01st of April 2007 06:16 PM

With a flop of 9 7 7, Chandu Vellala got all in and was called by Robert Weiss. Chandu's AQ needed help to beat Robert's 95 for two pair, but he came up short when the last two cards came J T and Chandu was done.

Hoyt Corkins got all in with pocket 7s and was called by an AT. No help from the board and Hoyt's pocket 7s were good for the double-up.

Shortly after, Hoyt gives John Myung's short-stacked all-in with AT a courtesy double-up, calling with 86. Even with the double, John only has about 12K in chips.

Sunday, 01st of April 2007 06:05 PM

Just a short while after doubling up Matthew Bloch, Amnon Filippi got his chips back when he flopped a full house with pocket deuces against Matthew's top pair. The boat was good and Matthew was busted.  With that pot, Amnon is well over 300K and possibly the new chip leader.

77 players remain.

Sunday, 01st of April 2007 05:41 PM

Sherwin Agard moved all in with pocket Tens and Michael Binger insta-called with pocket Aces. Unfortunately for Michael, a Ten landed on the flop to give Sherwin the set and the hand. He had Michael covered, so adios to Michael.

Paul Darden ran his pocket 8s into the pocket Aces of a shorter stack. Those Aces held up and Paul was down to about 20K.

Sunday, 01st of April 2007 05:26 PM

Just before the break, Chau Giang raised from up front and got 3 callers. Flop was T 7 5 and the big blind moved all in for 130K -- big overbet. Chau called, showing pocket Jacks. The big blind held A 3 for the flush draw, but the last two cards were -less and Chau doubled up yet again and is up to about 170K. Not bad for a guy who was down to 6,500 less than three hours ago!

After Matt Glantz opened, Mike Omelchuk moved in for about 15K. Matt called, showing pocket 3s. Mike's pocket 4s were way ahead. The board changed nothing and Mike doubled through.

Steve Fiorentini and Bryan Veach have busted out.

Sunday, 01st of April 2007 05:21 PM

Level 9: Blinds 800/1,600 with 200 antes. Play has resumed. 23 players busted out during the previous level. 88 remain -- 40 will get paid.


Peter Chabot322,000
Yariv Levi320,000
Amnon Filippi263,000
John Racener198,700
Frank Flowers196,000
Bob Hwang189,000
Total chips in play8,300,000
Players remaining88
Average stack94,318

Sunday, 01st of April 2007 05:06 PM

Stephen Sangermano was all in and called by both Chris Bell and Amnon Filippi. They checked down the board of 3 J T A Q . At the river, Amnon showed pocket 7s with the 7 for the flush and Chris mucked. Stephen rolled over pocket Tens with the T and he took the 100K+ pot.

Yariv Levi raised to 6,200; Matt Glantz and John Haronian (button) both called. Flop was 3 Q 2 and all three checked. Turn was 8 and it was checked to John, who bet 20K. Yariv insta-called and Matt mucked. River was A and both checked. Yariv showed Q T for a pair of Queens -- no flush. John showed two black Jacks and tossed them into the muck. The big stack gets bigger.

End of level 8 and break time.

Sunday, 01st of April 2007 04:53 PM

On a flop of 3 8 2, John Hennigan (utg) moved all in. Patricia Abram (small blind) thought for a few moments, then called. John's pocket 9s (overpair) were ahead of Patricia's 87 for top pair. Last two cards were T 6 and John doubled up.

Sunday, 01st of April 2007 04:46 PM

After taking a bad beat a couple of hours ago that left him with only about 5,000 chips, Chau Giang has clawed his way back to about 80,000 chips.

Sunday, 01st of April 2007 04:41 PM

Brock Parker got his chips in with AK only to run into the pocket Aces of Steve Sung. The Aces held and Brock was toast.

89 players remain.

Sunday, 01st of April 2007 04:23 PM

On a J 6 3 rainbow flop, Isaac Haxton moved all in and was called by a player with pocket 5s. Isaac's AQ needed help which he didn't get and he was busted.

Sam Grizzle got all in with pocket 6s only to run into pocket Kings held by Paul D'Ambrosia. A King on the flop sealed the deal and Sam was busted.

In a huge pot, Yariv Levi busted Ralph Perry and that put Yariv over 300K and back into the chip lead. The flop was 9 8 5 and they got all the chips in the middle. Ralph held J T for the open-ended draw and Yariv held pocket 9s for the set. Running Aces gave Yariv the full boat and the huge pot, sending Ralph to the door.

92 players remain.

Sunday, 01st of April 2007 04:06 PM

95 players remain at 10 tables. More departures during today's massacre: Nick Binger, Mark Seif, Jeff King, Ed 'EBJ' Jordan, James van Alstyne, Matt Graham, Eddie Ting, Barry Berger, and Tab Duchateau.

Frank Flowers has boosted his stack over 200K with a set of 6s that busted an opponent with top pair.

Sunday, 01st of April 2007 03:56 PM

On an Ace-high flop, David Tran got his chips all in against Stephen 'Dakota' Happas. David's A9 was in bad shape against Dakota's AK. The better hand held up and David was sent to the rail.

Sunday, 01st of April 2007 03:38 PM

Level 8: Blinds 600/1,200 with 200 antes. Play has resumed. 111 players remain, which means 42 players busted out during the previous level!

Peter Chabot

Current leader-board:

Peter Chabot285,000
Amnon Filippi240,000
Casey Griswold185,000
Randy Spain170,000
Kyle Bowker168,500
Yariv Levi160,000
Kirk Morrison150,000
Howard 'Terry' Boyd150,000
Jean-Robert Bellande140,000
Total chips in play8,300,000
Players remaining111
Average stack74,775

Sunday, 01st of April 2007 03:19 PM

On a flop of 2 J 8 , Kirk Morrison moved all in, putting Bernard Lee (button) to the test. After a couple of minutes thought, Bernard called, showing pocket Kings. He was ahead of Kirk's A Q (flush-draw with one overcard). Unfortunately for Bernard, the last two cards were 4 4 and Kirk completed his flush to win the over 100K pot, sending Bernard 'the nicest guy in poker' Lee to the rail.

Jerry Kalish was busted when his pocket 3s failed to hold up against an opponent's AQ (Ace on the flop and the river).

Gavin Smith has also busted out.

End of level 7 and players are on break.

Sunday, 01st of April 2007 03:07 PM

Amnon Filippi busted Gary Lent when his Q 6 flopped a flush to beat Gary's pocket Tens.

Michael Binger busted a player when his pocket Kings held up against the shorter stack's pocket 9s.

On a board of T 5 6 8 , Robert Weiss checked, Kirk Morrison bet 21K and after a few minutes in the tank, Robert moved all in for about 40K more. Then it was Kirk's turn in the tank. He surendered.

120 players remain.

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