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Caesar's Atlantic City - WSOP Circuit - Main Event
by 2006 World Series of Poker Circuit   
Tuesday, 28 March 2006

$10,000 NLHE by Sharla Lehrmann

Top 3 chippies....

Jaime Ligator - 90K
Ed "EBJ" Jordan - 67K
Herbert Cheng - 57K

Tuesday, 28th of March 2006 09:42 PM

Herbert Cheng knocks out the star of the show. Johnny Chan limps in and Herbert raised 1400. Chan reraised 4K more. Cheng came over him for another 10K . Chan is sitting with 3K in front of him. FLop arrives. Q 9 5 all hearts. Cheng pushed all in. Chan called. Chan had a pocket pair of tens and Cheng the mighty aces. They stayed boss to take out Johnny Chan two minutes before the day was finished.

Johnny Chan

Tuesday, 28th of March 2006 09:30 PM

We are down to about 35 players. The last hand was just played. It will take a while to get the chips bagged and seats assigned. I took my jump drive to Scott with Caesars. I begged him to please load up the info for me so I can get it to my readers. Cross your fingers. They dont even have the internet.

Tuesday, 28th of March 2006 09:25 PM

Matt Glantz wants me to tell Chris Bell's Momma that Chris has raised five hands in a row and he is going to catch him at his tricks pretty soon. be in trouble now!!!

Larry Jacobs from New York City sends his Howdy to all his buds.

Larry Jacobs

Official Payout Structure

1$ 345,708.00
2$ 192,060.00
3$ 105,683.00
4$ 76,824.00
5$ 67,221.00
6$ 57,618.00
7$ 48,015.00
8$ 35,412.00
9$ 28,809.00

Tuesday, 28th of March 2006 08:33 PM

Approximate chip count for a few with 54 remaining.

Chris Bell - 18K
Cliff Josephy - 20K
Chris Ferguson - 18K
Abe Korotki - 20K
Mickey Appleman - 18K
Chad Moore - 13K
Andre Boyer - 13K
Nick Shulman - 21K
Chip Jett - 28K
Nick Frangos - 24K
Johnny Chan - 26K
Sam Grizzle - 22K
Erik Seidel - 24K
Beth Shak - 21K
James Salters - 21K
Ed "EBJ" Jordan - 71K
Doug Carli - 7K
Todd Terry - 15K
Amnon Fillipi - 23K
Josh Schlein - 10K
Sam Bensinger - 17K
Matt Glantz - 30K
Abe Korotki - 20K

Well blast it. I walked back in and Dan Shak is done. Sorry kids.

Tuesday, 28th of March 2006 08:15 PM

Beth Shak says hi to her adorable kids. Hot off the press, Mom got tangled up with John D'Agostino. He pushed all in and stared your Mom down saying "you better not call me" and she said "Im not afraid of you" and called. He showed the Q J and Beth the A J. The ace was golden and Mom sent John D'Agostino packin'. By the way kids, Dad is holding his own as well.

John D'Agostino

Johnny Bax AKA Cliff Josephy takes out Andy Bloch when his KQ took Andy's QJ. The board was scary, the KQJ. Tough luck for Andy and sweet lovin' for Cliff.

Andy Bloch

Adam Green has split the scene.

Adam Green

Tuesday, 28th of March 2006 08:00 PM

We begin the final level of the evening. Level 5 has 25 antes with 150 / 300 blinds.

Ed "EBJ" Jordan deep in thought

Tuesday, 28th of March 2006 06:41 PM

Russ Salzer was in the small blind, raised to 5K and around to the button who had limped, he pushed all in. That was Ed "EBJ" Jordan. It was a long time but Russ finally decided to call with all his chips. Ed showed the K K . Russ was stunned and turned over the K A . The flop brought the A K Q and the case king made a set for Ed. Russ had two pair and needed sweet lovin' to stay alive. The 4 and 6 followed and we lose Russ. I believe Ed "EBJ" Jordan has taken the chip lead.

Tuesday, 28th of March 2006 06:18 PM

We are back at it. Looks like we will play 2 more levels tonight. Level 4 is underway. The ante has arrived and is 25 with 100 / 200 blinds.

Tuesday, 28th of March 2006 05:19 PM

Players take their supper break. Back in an hour or so.  We are down to 65 players.  The plan is to go 6 levels today.  Im betting on the unders.

Tuesday, 28th of March 2006 04:56 PM

Joey was in the big blind and preflop there were 6 players. Family pot! Joey had the A 4 . The flop came the A A J. Joey moved all in as he was sitting pretty short. He got one caller. That caller held the A T and out kicked the "black cat". Joey "black cat" Lopes is out with his three aces.


Tuesday, 28th of March 2006 04:51 PM

A big hand just took lots of chippage off Todd Terry. He had amassed a huge stack when he got involved in the hand with short stack Lou Esposito and medium stack Ed " EBJ" Jordan. Lou had the QQ, Todd the J 9 and Ed the K J. The flop was the X Q T. After that, lots of betting ensued and we had Lou all in with a side between Todd and Ed. The Turn brought the A and more betting took place. Another T hit the river giving Lou the boat for the main pot and Ed the monster side pot for the bigger straight. Todd is still alive, but took a spanking on that hand.

Mike Sica took his pocket queens to the bank and ran smack dab into pocket aces held by Matt Glantz. Mike goes home after a rough trip here at Caesars. Poker is so weird. When lady luck has checked out, it just doesnt matter what you get, the doomsayer comes visiting. See ya next trip Mike!

Mike Sica

Tuesday, 28th of March 2006 04:26 PM

Amnon Fillipi - 15K
Joey "Black Cat" Lopes - 7K
Matt Glantz - 31K
Dan Shak - 6K
Josh Schlein - 23K

Tuesday, 28th of March 2006 04:21 PM

I cant find Bill Edler. Saddenz. :( We are down to 69 players already.

Chris Bell - 11K
Andy Bloch - 10K
Cliff Josephy - 16K
Chris Ferguson - 21K
Abe Korotki - 8K
Mickey Appleman - 23K
Chad Moore - 16K
Andre Boyer - 16K
Nick Shulman - 8K
Chip Jett - 28K
Nick Frangos - 14K
Johnny Chan - 32K
Sam Grizzle - 14K
Adam Green - 9K
Erik Seidel - 9K
John D'Agostino - 8K
Beth Shak - 11K
James Salters - 8K
Herbert Cheng - 16K
Mike Sica - 14K

Johnny Chan is here selling his book...but he is also here beefin' it up it seems.....and it isnt even dinner time yet!


Tuesday, 28th of March 2006 03:25 PM

Players take a break and we move to level 3 with 100 / 200 blinds.

Tony Licastro just couldnt get his game working today. He is finished early.

Tony Licastro

Tuesday, 28th of March 2006 03:14 PM

They are breaking a table now. Down to 81 players. Steve Zolotow is out. Johnny Chan crippled him early on and he never recovered.

Steve Zolotow

Chris Reslock flopped a set of sevens and had a redraw for a straight.  He played his opponent like a fiddle.  Ben Bianco stayed with him all the way to the river, spending all his chips on a pair of pocket queens.  With only a two outter, he spiked the queen on the river, stood and screamed  "YES YES.....I knocked out the best!"  Chris Reslock goes home first in todays event.  He retires to the massage station. 

Chris Reslock is a gentleman and says "its just poker'"

It is official.  We had a booming 99 players join the event today.  Payout schedule on its way.

Tuesday, 28th of March 2006 01:55 PM

Level 2 has just begun.  50 / 100 blinds.

Chris Ferguson
Chris Reslock
Dan Shak
Beth Shak
Johnny Chan
Chad Moore
Adam Green
Nick Shulman
Cliff Josephy
Joey "Black Cat" Lopes
Herbert Cheng
Bill Edler
Charlie Minter
Steve Zolotow
Erik Seidel
Sam Grizzle
Chris Bell
Andy Bloch
Matt Glantz
Tony Licastro
Frank Vizza
Mickey Appleman
Chip Jett
James Salters
John D'Agostino
Andre Boyer
Abraham Korotki
Ben Bianco
Tony Salerno
Mike Sica
Amnon Filippi
Nick Frangos

Beth Shak is the only woman in the event today.

Beth Shak

The room is filling and we are ready to start. I have a few players I plan to follow. Gonna go out now and peruse the room for stars.

As usual, at least over here on the east coast, the field is small. I wish I had a job with the WSOP in marketing and or tournament management. Sheesh......Looks like the number is going to hover right around 100 players give or take.

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